Honoring the Fallen

On June 2nd, 2008 Officer Erik Hite succumbed to a gunshot wound sustained the previous day by a suspect who had wounded a Pima County Sheriff's Department deputy. Today we honored him and other fallen brothers and sisters in law enforcement, with a litte help from the communuty and the Erik Hite Foundation. (http://erikhitefoundation.org/)

Something happens when you put on the uniform and enter that mode only people associated with law enforcement know. They and their families know that when mom or dad are getting dressed we go from white to red pretty quickly with only one objective. Come back home to the family. Yeah, we go out there and we "fight crime" and "chase bad guys" but it is much more than that. Although we are busy from call to call or making traffic stops, anyone in law enforcement knows there is no other objective than to get home safe. Sad to say sometimes that does not happen. We all hate it, every one of us.

So far this year, 2017, 50 Officers have given their lives to a cause they felt was worth dying for... Honor them by visiting the following page. Read about them. Know what happened so that YOU can learn and they did not end their watch in vain.


A few of us have traveled near and far to attend the final calls of our fallen brothers and sisters. It sucks, no question. It breaks a big and tough man on the exterior down to an unconsoleable sobbing mess. That last call, the bagpipes... I went to a lot of memorials and funerals after September 11th. Talked to many, many people. It doesn't get easier and I reckon it never will.

Today was a beautiful day. Tucson Police had like 79 people participate in the run. Many agencies were there running and taking part. The overall winner ran the 5k in like 20 minutes at a 6:30 minute mile pace. Not too shabby. I couldn't do it that's for sure. I'm big boned as they say. All in all it was a great day for a run and remembrance.

Stay safe and Get home.


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