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First and foremost, we’re music fans.  Getting the chance to play music for people has given us some of the best memories we’ve ever had.  We’ve been lucky enough to be a part of shows featuring great artists like Josh Ward, Jon Wolfe, Craig Morgan, Craig Campbell, James Otto, Sam Riggs, D Vincent Williams, Paul Overstreet, Rodney Atkins, Josh Turner, Josh Gracin, Wade Hayes, Ty Herndon and others.  We’ve become friends with some amazing people along the way. 


Country music takes you on a journey.  It can make people dance, smile, laugh or cry.  Whether it’s longing for the picture perfect life in “What about Texas” or wishing a night out would never end in “Last Call,” you have to feel something when you listen to music.  We hope to be the soundtrack for a few moments of your lives. 


We have pride in our country and Tucson, Arizona community.  We are former and current military and law enforcement members.  We have deep respect for people who serve others and love giving back. We’ve been thrilled to play charity events for organizations such as M.A.D.D., the Erik Hite Foundation, S.A.L.E.F., N.A.M.I., The Shriners, T.R.O.T. Foundation and many others.


For us, success isn’t trying to book as many gigs as possible, fame or fortune (although we’re willing to give that a shot!).  Being in this band is a great escape from our 9-5. Success for us is new experiences and connecting with people through the music we create and play. 

The County Line

Dan Barry, Marisa Black, Mark Ewings, Nick Lyman, Mike Miller, Kyle Robinson

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