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The County Line strikes a chord, namely the D, at the Pima County Fair.

There are many things that are unmistakable in this life... You know it is your kid crying, that look you get from your significant other when you do something not agreeable, and then there is the smell of sugar and dreams. WELCOME TO THE FAIR! What whaaaaaat!!

We all know that smell and the sounds of the clackity clack roller coaster held together with duct tape and prayers. Ha ha I kid, but do I?? We played the Central Park Stage and can I just say, what a time it was. There is a row of palm trees directly across from the stage and I was joking with Mike, that we were going to make them bend backwards a little and we did just that. We played an hour set of the songs we listed and some "audibles" mixed in. After one of the songs all I heard was, "Audible, audible, I'm calling an audible.." and Mark proceeded to call out a song. It was pretty funny and the fans were confused as to if they were watching our show or 4th and 3 on the goal line. HA, guess you had to be there. But if you are reading this then you should have. If you weren't then shame on you! You missed a fun show.

Sadie and KP did some clogging with Powerhouse Percussive Dance. If you have never seen these guys look them up on YouTube. They dance way better then us. They have been on many Television shows. The director Brian named them about 10 times a show but all I can remember is Hee Haw. After all of that we all went to listen to the deep voiced musical musings of Josh Turner. He puts on a great show and did not disappoint this time.

Well the next show is the Erik Hite Fun Run on May 20th. I am trying to get something between now and then so lets hope I can!

Be safe and Get home


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