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Eddie's Cocktails and The County Line : A Perfect Match

On Saturday night at around 2100 hrs, that's 9pm for you non military time folks, there was a short hiss from a speaker and a quick pop from a pick up and the night began. The County Line began it's performance with a bang! On a side note we also finished the show with a bang, Mark stepped on some power cords during a MVP guitar solo, but I fixed them so no harm no foul...;)

Eddie's Cocktails was packed with familiar faces. The regular's had their place at the bar as loyal followers of the band trickled in and mingled. There were a great many people at Eddie's enjoying themselves and listening to the band rock the night away.

We really enjoy playing at Eddie's Cocktails because it is familiar to us. The staff there treat us awesome and Eddie? Don't get me started on Eddie, because I could be here for days typing away. The man has a special place in whatever afterlife he chooses!

It was really nice to see a couple of faces that we have been missing over the past months. Javier, Nate, Ashley, Mark, Bob, and Meg to name a few. A huge showing from Team Ortiz rolling like 30 deep. There was dancing and singing by Team Ortiz. Now I use the term singing loosely, right Dave....JUST KIDDING BRO we love you!

All in all we had an awesome night and we look forward to playing here again!

This Saturday we rock the Pima County Fair at 5:30 pm. Josh Turner goes on at 8pm. We are not on the same stage but hey, we are on right before him! So come on out and hang with us, then scoot on over to his show!

Be Safe and Get Home...


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